so i was finishing my order and i realize i’d forgotten about the stuffed crust which was SUPER important and the woman was like “ok how will you be paying?” and i was so desperate i just hit the button and google translator was like “with cheese stuffed crust” and i just lost it

my girlfriends and i ordered pizza with google translator today and the pizza sucked but i think i’ve never laughed so hard in my life so yep totally worth it

i just love tumblr’s obsession with october

on the first hours of my birthday i made a list of all the ways i could kill myself, and for the first time the thought of doing it didn’t make me cry, on the contrary i felt kind of relieved

i’ve been thinking about it for months, and maybe i’ll feel better soon, and the thoughts will go away, but right now i hate the air that i breathe, and i just don’t wanna live

i don’t wanna get any messages telling me that i’m loved and that i shouldn’t do it or anything like that, because i won’t do it, because i know i can’t

what i’m saying is i really wish i could

and i wish even more that i didn’t want to